Ashlee Simpson

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We feel like you could sew up the bottom of Ashlee Simpson's dress and have a really chic handbag.

See what we mean? The smooth leather has ridges throughout just like a vintage sack, the maroon color is incredible trendy, and Ashlee is so tiny that the size would probably make for a perfect laptop bag! In fact, the more we think about it, the more we prefer this as a bag versus a dress...

Why don't we love this edgy look as is? Three reasons:

1. It's totally shapeless! Petite frames like Ashlee's need tailored clothing so that they don't end up looking like skeletons.

2. It's in desperate need of an accessory! We realize the leather does a lot of the talking here but a funky statement necklace or bracelet would give it something more interesting to say.

3. Those shoes are the worst! Who wears maroon crushed velvet with maroon leather?!

Those are three big strikes in our opinion meaning this dress is out, and the bag version is hopefully in production once big sis Jessica reads this post!

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