Vanessa Hudgens

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Who is this timeless beauty and what has she done with the typically boho Vanessa Hudgens?!

You know what, we don't care what the answer is, we just hope the style fairy godmother responsible for this fashion about-face is here to stay. The Machete Kills star has never looked more radiant, and she's doing it without revealing an inch of skin!

Credit is obviously owed to Thakoon for this light and airy dress. We especially love the sheer, stairstep paneling on the sides and simple black dot detailing throughout the fabric. Yes, it's shocking to see the Spring Breakers star in something that sits below the knee, but she still looks ready to party thanks to the flirty shape...even if that party is a '50s sock hop.

Chances are this starlet will be back to her sexy getups by sunrise, but we're happy to have this memory to recall the next time she steps out looking like a half-naked hippie.

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