Lady Gaga

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

We have a confession to make. We're exhausted by Lady Gaga's fashion antics. Every time we think the "Applause" singer has gone as far as she can go, she tops it leaving us to figure out how and why??

Case in point, this belated granny Halloween getup. The lavender suit is a Prabal Gurung design, but it looks like the pop star picked up her wig and bifocals at a shuttering costume shop. Hopefully they were 50% off like the rest of the October 31st gear.

We'd typically try to understand why the "Dope" singer would wear such a thing. Is she honoring her own grandma or maybe channeling Mother Goose? Sometimes we compare her looks to the crazy couture that came before. Is it more or less insane than the meat dress...or the shell umbrella?

But today, we're too tired from all the insanity to care what the Mother Monster is wearing. She looks completely and utterly ridiculous, and she knows it. End of story.

...for today at least...

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