Kelly Rowland

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for BAFTA LA

If an exotic dancer was doing a routine where she pretends to be a ballerina, Kelly Rowland's gown is exactly what she'd wear. Well, minus the floor length skirt.

We cannot figure this Rani Zakhem look out! The top looks like something out of a porn, the middle is a little girl's ballet costume and the bottom is classic ballgowntwo inches too long, but still. What exactly was the "Talk a Good Game" singer going for here? New York City ballet dancer gone wild?

Not only is this style way too much for the occasion (fyi it was a cocktail party in Beverly Hills), but it's also off-season. Winter white may work in November, but winter egg shell blue is definitely not a thing.

And we're rarely shy when it comes to cleavage, but this plunging neckline looks ridiculous against the flouncy fabric and big skirt. Sorry Kelly, but there's little we can support about this style, making it a definite, "make it stop!" topper in our book. What's your take?

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What's your take on Kelly's top-revealing style?
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