Miley Cyrus

Ian Gavan/Getty Images for MTV

Somewhere Biggie and Tupac just rolled over in their graves...

Yes, Miley Cyrus is promoting a good message with this ‘Please Stop The Violence' "dress" from the NY Vintage collection, but a powerful PSA might be more effective than a sexified vintage t-shirt. Though, considering how much the Internet loves the "We Can't Stop" singer's ridiculous looks, this photo might technically get more attention.

As if the mini wasn't manic enough, the tabloid princess paired it with court jester print go-go boots by Tom Ford. Though given the options, they may be our favorite part of this look.

As far as Miley fashion goes, this isn't all that shocking. Later that night she performed at the MTV EMAs in high cut underwear and a fur coat. So we're less concerned with the actual fashion choice and more worried about whether or not it means a rap album is up next. Because Hannah Montana rapping is officially the last thing this world needs.

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