Rose McGowan

David Livingston/Getty Images

Rose McGowan should consider trying out for Project Runway.

It appears the former Charmed star fashioned a whole pencil skirt out of a sheet of wax paper! We're not sure if Tim Gunn would be impressed, but we have a feeling Michael Kors would approve of the black-and-white palette. Though he'd probably make some zinger about Rose being the Betty Crocker of couture.

Believe it or not, the paper-style bottom isn't out biggest issue with the look. It appears that Rose just slapped the piece over top of an existing LBD. See how the black top is connected to the skirt under her translucent top piece? It's like the first piece was too short and tight so she added a little coverage on top.

We're not a fan of the result or that pork pie "Walter White" hat. Though if the white plastic bottom is actually some kind of hazmat suit, Breaking Bad interpretation, we're slightly more on board.

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