Naomi Watts, Naomi Campbell

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It's like the classic Shakespeare quote goes... would a Naomi by any other last name look as chic?

Naomi Watts and Naomi Campbell are giving us the answer to that age old question, thanks to their matching minis. We'll admit we're shocked that the Diana actress and The Face judge chose the same Alexander McQueen design. It has a more youthful look than both fashion-lovers typically rock, even if it is skin-tight black leather. Plus, outside of this specific dress choice, we'd venture to guess these two have absolutely zero in common, but that just makes the battle of who wore it best more fun.

At first glance, the single difference between these identical styles is the necklace on the left Naomi. The Impossible star added some bling to her black leather look with a simple strand of sparkle, but it's lost inside that dipped neckline. The British beauty left her top bare for a better effect.

But when we look closer, we notice a fit difference in that top cutout that gives the Aussie actress an advantage. See how the fabric on her version forms a U shape while the supermodel's makes a V? There's just something more interesting about that shape making Naomi W the winner in our book. What's your take?

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Who wore her black leather mini best?
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