Drew Barrymore, LACMA Gala

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We're thrilled to hear that Drew Barrymore is expecting another bundle of joy. We're not so thrilled that she chose this giant, psychedelic tent to cover that growing bundle.

Is that some kind of galaxy pattern on the Going the Distance star? From the distance, it also sort of looks like a barren desert...or a weirdly-colored waterfall...or maybe there's some sort of purple wood involved? We're not sure what's going on with this Vivienne Westwood design, which is only the beginning of our issues with the attire.

Drew has been around the fashion block long enough to know that bigger doesn't mean better when it comes to bump fashion. She rocked some adorable fitted dresses with baby #1, so why go so grand with baby #2? We certainly understand if the actress is having one of those early pregnancy days where you'd prefer to stay in bed all day long, but the answer to that issue isn't rolling over, grabbing the bed sheet and leaving the house!

We say congrats to Drew and Will but here's hoping for better pregnancy fashions from this point on. What's your take?

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