Stacy Keibler

All Access Photo / Splash News

You know your crazy aunt who wore weird clothes that never seemed to be in style? Apparently Stacy Keibler knows her too, and she's decided to dress just like her for Halloween.

We took a double take when we saw George Clooney's ex flame in this super weird fashion. The statuesque model looked more like an old lady in all those layersan old lady bringing a pumpkin to her favorite niece, perhaps?

Just a few tweaks to this getup would take the Supermarket Superstar host's style from cat lady to cute. We feel like it has to do with those roomy pants and simple flats. They don't exactly say young and hit star. The hat is cute in theory, but the color could be way more interesting, as could the light wash denim jacket.

Sorry Stacy, but unless you're actually sporting the world's most specific costume, we recommend a change.

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