Charlize Theron

Nothing irks us more than a celeb getting dressed to the nines for a nine hour flight. We all know they're in it for the paparazzi shots, not the in-flight comfort!

That's why we're so thrilled to cover Charlize Theron's airport attire. Not only does the Snow White and the Huntsman star look fashion-forward but she's wearing something one can lug a suitcase in!

There's nothing fancy about the A-lister's cropped jeans but they're a perfect fit and the nice, dark wash is keeping them squarely out of grubby territory. Same goes for the simple black v-neck; it's not too roomy, and the beaded necklace gives it a nice bit of flare. Charlize rounds out the getup with a light jacket that compliments her tee and a cute brimmed hat to keep the paps at bay in style. The result: a wearable travel getup that keeps her on the best dressed lists.

Members of the Mile-high-in-sky-high-heels Club, take note!

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