Rita Wilson, Paloma Faith

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images; XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM

Tom Ford calls this his "Ka-Pow" gown, and there's no mistaking why.

Both Rita Wilson and Paloma Faith made an impact in the explosion-inspired ensemble. As much as we love the wild detail on both dresses, this is a case of a couture catch-22: the positive of such a bold style is that your look will be totally memorable, but that plus turns to a minus once someone else wears it...

Our gut instinct is to prefer Mrs. Tom Hank's more muted black approach. The embellished sparks are just as powerful but somehow less "out there" against the black.

Then we took a closer look at Paloma's approach. There is something absolutely stunning about the all-red against the larger version of the dynamite image, plus scarlet and deep purple are a perfect combo for fall.

So shocked as we are to say this, we prefer the more shocking color combo! What's your take?

A Fashion Police Oct 29 Poll
Who wore her KA-POW piece best?
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