Part of the Halloween fun is getting to dress up, so of course the folks over at Fashion Police made an event out of the holiday.

Giuliana Rancic, Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, George Kotsiopoulos and even Melissa Rivers got in on the action of dressing up as famous red carpet celebs for tonight's episode.

"Welcome to the Fashion Police Halloween red carpet," Melissa said, while pretending to be Rancic in a tight red dress and holding a fake baby. "I'm Giuliana Rancic bringing you all the horror holiday fashion live from the red carpet. You know, I feel so elegan-tay here tonight, let's take a look at my nails in the exclusive Mani Cam!"

Melissa continued, "Working on Fashion Police causes me to get the finger all the time! And this isn't the only special occasion camera we have here tonight. We have a camera for every imaginable purpose. It was that or give Ryan Lochte another show."

That was when the first "celeb" walked the red carpet, and it turned out to be Osbourne dressed as Christina Hendricks in a form-fitting black gown with a busting cleavage.

"Now, you know I looooove nice boobies. I mean, we always like motorboat—woo hoo—I mean but seriously, I swear I'm not a lesbian," Melissa, er, "Giuliana" said, and invited "Hendricks" to participate in the cleavage cam. "Those things are"

Watch the clip to see which celebs the other Fashion Police cohosts dress up as!

Fashion Police, Halloween

Brandon Hickman/E!

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