Nicole Scherzinger


We're usually of the opinion that if you've got it, flaunt it, but in the case of Nicole Scherzinger's exposed ensemble, we're not so sure.

It's almost like the wrong parts of the British X Factor judge's belly are showing. See how the over-sized black trousers cover her belly button? It has a weird almost alien effect! Then there's that sparkled top that sits so high to her chest that it shows off her rib cage, or are those just giant, super high abs?

We can't tell if the "Outta Nowhere" singer is just sucking in too much or if she's actually that skinny, but the effect is not ideal. Her stance makes the bottoms look way too big, and combined with that sparkly top it's very "Fly Girl" from the '90s.

We're big fans of the bare midriff trend, but Nicole's approach makes us question that position...and her taste.

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