Anna Kendrick

Karwai Tang/WireImage

Is it us or does Anna Kendrick look like she's wearing a rejected costume from her on-screen a cappella group?

This flirty skirt and top set feels like the perfect look to accompany a dozen girls singing a rockin' '60s medley (mostly The Beach Boys with a little Sonny & Cher mixed in), but we're not sure it's the right feel for a red carpet. The Alberta Ferretti frock kind of ages the Drinking Buddies star down from late twenties to...early tots?

We can't quite tell if the problem is that giant circle skirt or the itty bitty top, but our guess is it's their forces combined. The fluffy bottom says Midwestern housewife, while the skimpy tank says groovy flower child. If the bottom had a different top (say a sparkly cardigan?) or the top had a different bottom (perhaps hand-painted bell bottoms?) we could potentially get on board. But as is, this look is too weird for our tastes.

What's your take?

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What's your take on Anna's flowery top and bottom?
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