Stana Katic

Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Unclaimed Freight Productions

When we first saw this photo we thought, "and this is…?" Stana Katic looked vaguely familiar but we never would have guessed she was the star of hit show Castle by this pic. Yes, we know the new CBGB movie takes place in the ‘80s, but come on, pick a look! This is punk meets Valley Girl meets Dynasty.  

We figure Stana was trying to channel punk when she gelled her hair into a helmet, but what's with the rows of bobby pins in the back? Did she just forget to take them out or are they part of a sorry attempt to be "punk?"

We can assure you that punk stops with the makeup. The thick liquid liner and rose-contoured eyelids scream Joan Collins Dynasty and the frosty pink lipstick are so, like, straight out of Valley Girl. Gag us with a spoon.

Beauty Bailout: This is a CBGB movie premiere, so we would have obviously insisted on Stana going all out punk, since CBGBs was the birthplace of punk in the U.S.  The hair helmet is okay but we would have removed those silly bobby pins and probably combed all her hair back.

As for the eye makeup, we would have chosen a more flattering palette for her hazel eyes and created a punk version of a cat eye. First, we would have primed the eyelids with primer or concealer. Then, we would have used matte black gel eyeliner like Inglot Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77 to line the upper lash line, making it thicker as it got closer to the outer corner.

Then we would have lined the lower lash line with the same black gel eyeliner and extended the line out about an inch towards the outer corners of the eyebrows. Next, to create the cat eye shape, we would wet a flat shadow brush and dip it in a dark green eye shadow like Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Bender and apply it to her lids, extending it out to meet the tip of the eyeliner line.

Once the eye shadow dried, we would then apply a lighter shade of green eye shadow (with a dry brush) like NARS Single Eye Shadow in Bavaria right above the dark green, extending over the creases, and softening the lines of the dark green eye shadow. To complete this look, we would apply a kohl black eyeliner pencil to her water line and 2-3 coats of volume-building mascara.

We would have obviously chucked that awful frosty pink lipstick and replaced it with a neutral pink lip gloss (since the eye makeup is so dramatic). We would have started by lining and filling in the entire lip with a neutral lip liner. Then, we would have applied a sheer pink lip gloss like Bobbi Brow Lip Gloss in Petal.

Now, we know you all aren't going to run home and recreate this look for a night out with the ladies. But, since most of us won't be invited to any upcoming CBGB premieres (okay none of us will be invited), why not try rocking this punk cat eye look for Halloween? Don't forget, though… a row of bobby pins in your hair and frosty pink lipstick is just Bad Halloween.

If you're a beauty addict, Janna will be your enabler. Just an occasional user? She'll be your bad influence. Visit her blog at and indulge!

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