Kristen Wiig

Jim Spellman/WireImage

If this is Kristen Wiig's Halloween costume, we love it! You're never too old to Trick-or-Treat as a pretty princess. If this is her take on red carpet royalty, we're no longer the SNL-alumn's loyal subjects.

We rarely naysay a Marchesa style, but this frock is way too frilly from the typically sleek Bridesmaids star. She looks like Glinda the Good Witch landed her giant bubble on an L.A. red carpet.

Of course, because we love Kristen with all our hearts, we have to find something redeeming about the over-the-top look. We'll say that the shiny steel color compliments her skin nicely, and that we love the swiss dot on the skirt. Her hair also looks very lovely in a wispy, half-done way. There: conscience cleared.

Now onto our obvious final verdict: make it stop! Agree or disagree?

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