Christina Hendricks

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Johnnie Walker

Why oh why oh why, Christina Hendricks??

You're wearing a perfectly gorgeous cocktail dress. It already has some edge thanks to an asymmetrical cut. You look sleek and sophisticated while still dripping with that god-given sex appeal. And then you go and add a super weird sheer wing thing to the right side...or is it more of a half cape? Maybe we should consider it an arm veil? 

Unless the How to Catch a Monster star is hiding a giant hickey on her right shoulder, we find this embellishment totally unnecessary. Yes, the one-shoulder style has a certain ancient Egyptian feel, so perhaps the goal was to add one more in-theme accessory?

In that case, we'd prefer some Cleopatra-style gold to this Elmira-style arm shawl.  

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