Mischa Barton

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

We were about to criticize Mischa Barton for dressing like a mature movie maven, then we realized she's dressed like the mature movie maven.

Meryl Streep would absolutely love this outfit, and we're pretty sure she's worn something just like it in the past! From the prominent shoulder pads to the long length, it has the Devil Wears Prada star's style written all over it. What it doesn't have is a young, Hollywood fashionista's feel.

We'll leave Mischa's motivations to medical experts and focus on the look alone. Frankly, it's a bit of a snooze fest. Yes, the band of electric blue adds a pop to the otherwise all-black look, but the slouchy cut does nothing for The Sixth Sense star's frame. We also have no idea what's going on with that white pom-pom evening bag; we just hope no birds were harmed in the process...

Sorry Mischa but this is a poor man's Meryl Streep costume. Next time see if the iconic star will lend you some of her actual attire.

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