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Uh oh...

It looks like Will Arnett and Ryan Seacrest didn't get the memo that the other star was wearing the almost exact same suit design!

Ryan was hosting Live From the Red Carpet when Will walked up to the E! podium and each of them got a surprise.

Something tells us that Will's suit is a couple sizes larger than Ryan's...

The elegant and very modern Burberry suit looks great on Ryan and Will's Calvin Klein style looks almost identical. We thought it was from the same designer!

While Ryan paired it with a classic bow tie, Will paired it with a more modern, skinny tie. We love Ryan's classic style and we say he wins this one.

And we swear we're not being biased! Vote for your favorite below!

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Fashion Police Poll Emmys 9-22-13
Which "bitch" wore his sexy Burberry suit best?
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