Justin Timberlake


Is Justin Timberlake sharing his thoughts on the the whole Miley Cyrus madness in the most clever way ever??

We couldn't help but notice that the teddies on JT's tee look a lot like the giant bears gyrating throughout Miley's MTV Video Music Award's performace. We say, "remember them?" but chances are the giant, fluffy dancers are burned in your mind! But it appears that Justin's shirt has their innocent little eyes shielded from all that crazy! It's like he's making a "see no evil" statement on behalf of the typically sweet children's toys! 

Miley Cyrus, MTV Video Music Awards

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for MTV

We really hope this is a "Team Teddy Bears" move on the classy performer's part. Yes, it's been a few weeks since the "Wrecking Ball" singer twerked herself into MTV history, but her crazy act is still all the rage.

Maybe Justin is trying to shift the focus back to the poor six foot creatures that were made guilty by association? If so, we hope he's selling these on his website. We suspect they'll be pretty popular among the Anti-Miley set...

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