Rose Byrne, Anna Wintour

Kevin Winter, Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

We're not sure why anyone in their right mind would steal a look from the ruler of the fashion universe, so we're going to assume that Rose Byrne had no idea Anna Wintour already wore this Lanvin dress.That or she's a very, very brave soul.

Yes the Insidious: Chapter 2 star stepped out in a different version of the design, but it's close enough to raise our eyebrow, which means the Vogue topper took note too.

Now comes the impossible task of deciding who wears it best, and it's impossible because we think the answer might be Rose but we're terrified to admit that in print.

There's something about the Bridesmaids star's poofy skirt and sleeves that gives this vintage print a proper feel. Anna's approach is more formal and classic but less fun. We realize that "flirty" doesn't exactly describe the world's most famous magazine editor, so we'll say her version is best for her and Rose's version is best for...everyone else. There. We said it. 

Now, are you brave enough to agree?

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Who looks better in her Lavin dress?
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