Olivia Wilde

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

We get it. Sometimes after the fifth cocktail dress in a row, you just want to throw on a white t-shirt and call it a day.

Apparently that's just how Olivia Wilde was feeling when she slipped into this undershirt and skirt combo. She's been killing it on the Toronto Film Festival red carpets with sexy dresses galore, so why not change things up with some sporty separates?

The unfortunate answer may be, "because you look like you're wearing a sleep shirt with a fancy skirt."

We're not saying every outfit needs to be a body-hugging LBD, but there's something off about this cotton combo. The white top is too much of a contrast against the black and blue bottom. A black t-shirt or even black tank would keep the sleek look flowing better from top to bottom or at the very least, a black statement necklace would better tie it all together.

Of course, who are we to say that casual can't look just as cool? What's your take?

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