Olivia Wilde

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for IMDB

We're getting very, very sleepy staring at Olivia Wilde's dress...

Something about the A-listers a-typical print is creating blurred lines in our eyes! We think it's a combination of the geometric shapes, blue and white shading, and that inside hour-glass design. Did Antonio Berardi set out to wow crowds by making them forget everything they saw before and after this look? If so, mission accomplished! We're way too dizzy to think!

While we're impressed by the effects of this shiny cocktail dress, we're not so sure we actually like the look. There's something almost athletic about the white side paneling and black silhouette at centerlike the future Mrs. Jason Sudeikis is wearing a super fancy scuba suit!

We're not quite at a, "make it stop!" call on this choicemostly because we admit we can't stop staring at it!but it's far from our favorite recent Olivia outfit. What's your say?

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