Sandra Bullock, TIFF, Toronto International Film Festival

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Looks like someone left the hair chair before her locks were done being set...

We hate to harp on Sandra Bullock, but the Gravity star stepped out looking less than finished in her wavy locks and Roland Mouret frock.

Technically the abstract on her pink and black dress matches her abstract choice of hairstyle, but we're not sure either was the right red carpet choice.

In this Academy Award winner's defense, she did just spend a lot of time in an anti-gravity chamber shooting her most recent film. Maybe that had some lasting affect on her locks? Of course, it doesn't explain the choice of such a crazy-print cocktail dress, but we don't know much about the lasting effects of "outer-space travel." Maybe her outfit indicator levels are now permanently askew?

That or it was a slightly bad hair day, she's into bold prints and we should shut our mouths before she sends us into orbit...

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