Rita Ora, GQ Men of the Year Awards

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

We totally understand how excited Rita Ora gets about Halloween. We used to prance around the house in our costume days before the big neighborhood trick-or-treat parade. But there's a big difference between your house and a red carpet event.

That didn't stop the R.I.P. singer from taking her October 31st look out for a spin. But on the bright side, this will stop any celebs from going as a futuristic tiger space warriorjust in case some other A-lister had that same look in the works...

But if this black-and-yellow dress isn't the Brit's fright night fashion, it's certainly a fascinating design.

The all-over beaded Etro outfit features dramatic cut-outs at the waist and a dramatic, almost tribal pattern throughout the top and bottom. If it wasn't quite so tiger-themed, we might actually like it! Though, we'd much prefer to see Rita show up at a fancy All Hollow's Eve Fest in this dress and a big cat mask.

Fingers crossed that we'll be reporting on that photo in T-minus two months!


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