Victoria Beckham, Harry Styles, Elle Fanning, Burberry Heart Shirt


Or should that headline read, Two Brits and a Little Lady?

Either way we caught Victoria Beckham, Harry Styles and Elle Fanning in the exact same Burberry heart print! We're surprised that Burberry released this pretty print so far from Valentine's Day, but that didn't seem to stop these three celebs from rocking it, all around the exact same time. It's always a tricky battle of "who wore it best" when the styles are so similar, but we're always up for a challenge.

According to these shots, the former Posh Spice wore her maroon and white printed top with simple black jeans. We can't see the full-length view of this look, but we see enough to know that it looks too simple with the dark denim pairing.

The One Direction: This Is Us front man opted for the chambray version of this versatile stylea slightly more male approach. We love a man who isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, literally, so this risk gets high reward in our book.

Then there's the Ginger & Rosa star who tucked and went with a high-waisted brown bottom. The shape highlights her tiny figure, but we're not so sure about the maroon on brown.

Looks like Harry takes it in our book (shocker, we know...), but what's your take?

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Who wore their hearts best?
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