Beyonce Knowles


Did Beyoncé get her theme parks mixed up?

The Mrs. Shawn Carter Tour headliner appears to be dressed as Disney's most famous lady mouse in Brooklyn's most famous theme park! We know Coney Island doesn't have an official female character to copy, but isn't it sacrilege to take Minnie out of her world?

Rumor has it the "Single Ladies" singer was actually at the beach-side boardwalk for a music video shoot. So now we're stuck wondering what new song requires a bright pink Minnie bow?

We should probably be more interested in the rest of the on-screen style. Skinny, distressed jeans, a chic white tank and piles of gold-charmed chains complete the costume. So maybe the new tune is about trying to be a woman while still feeling like a girl? Or maybe we're reading way too much into it and Bey just grabbed a hair piece from Blue Ivy's closet?

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