Naya Rivera, Nicole Scherzinger

Jason Merritt, Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Word to the wise: if you're going to steal someone's style, don't pick a celeb who could be your identical twin!

We didn't realize how much Nicole Scherzinger looks like Naya Rivera until she showed up in the exact same navy blue Three Floor jumpsuit. Now we have to stare for a few seconds to tell the X Factor judge and Glee star apart! And to make matters more difficult to judge, both look smoking hot in this sexy suit.

Not only does this sweetheart neckline flaunt both stars' figures to the exact same degree, but they're both wearing bright, pointy pumpsjust a slight shade off! We think we prefer the pink to the red, but it's really too close to call. And unfortunately we can't even use hair and make-up as the deciding factor. Naya and Nicole (ack! they're both N names too!) both went with a side-swept, loosely curled 'do.

We rarely do this, but we're going to have to leave this one up to you. Who should win this super confusing contest?

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Which bitch wears her blue suit best?
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