Dita Von Teese, Jessica Chastain

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images; Victor Chavez/WireImage

When Jessica Chastain wore this LBD, we called it the sexiest thing we'd ever seen her in, which means Dita Von Teese is facing an uphill fashion battle...

The web-inspired inserts on both of these Gucci get-ups are borderline scary, which just adds to their sexy feel. The question is, which way does the look work best? As a jumpsuit with much more skin showing on top for the burlesque star or as a cocktail frock with a more demure décolletage on the Zero Dark Thirty actress?

Our issue is that we love the skirt on Jessica and the top on Dita. That wide open neckline would sit perfectly against the sophisticated skirt giving the look just a little more edge. There's also something about the roomy nature of the pantsuit that doesn't fit the tight fit of the top. 

So if we can't combine the two, we'll have to go with The Help actress and her cocktail dress choice. What's your say?

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