Olivia Wilde

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

If Olivia Wilde is secretly advertising for French châteaus in this dress, it's working.

We want to dive right into the spectacular scene on her sleeveless Clover Canyon dress and start a totally regal life. Our research tells us the huge house is actually a colonial design, but we're not picky—anything that grand and gorgeous will do.

We are a bit thrown by the '60s-themed shapes surrounding the Amazing Burt Wonderstone star's classy palace print. It's almost like a psychedelic school bus trip to a historical site. The middle of the midlength look has antique toile fabric feel, but the neck and hemlines say disco fever!

And yet for some reason, that just makes us want to take a fantastic voyage to this strange site even more. Something totally wild and crazy must be going down there...

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