Naya Rivera, Teen Choice Awards

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We know that we're the Fashion Police and not the Morality Authority, but is Naya Rivera's look too hot for the impressionable teen audience?

Yes, midriff madness is sweeping the nation, and leather has always been in, but this bustier and low-rider combo from Alice + Olivia is the sexiest we've seen yet! If this FOX star is out to reminds us that she's not really a teenager, she just plays one on TV, we've received the message loud and clear.

We have a feeling we'd like this look a lot more if both top and bottom weren't quite so biker chic. A leather bustier top can be just as hot but far more classy against a high-waisted skirt, for example. And then there's all that distance between the top and those bottoms... There are midriff tops and there a bra tops. Naya's look falls under the second category, no doubt.

So should the "Boyfriend" singer be sent home to change? Frankly, we've seen worse. At least her belly button is the only actual body part showing.

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