Vanessa Hudgens


Nevermind the fact that Vanessa Hudgens was two-years-old when this frumpy fashion came into style...

Apparently the former High School Musical star has decided use her 20s to re-live the '90sflannel shirt and all! Too bad no one told her that the top knot and the giant, Jackie O sunglasses were invented well after Y2K. But aside from those accidental accessories, this look is impressively grunge.

Take exhibit A: the cut-off tank. After the tight tops of the late '80s, this was breezy top du jour. Next are those aztec print leggings. You may think Forever21 invented this tribal print, but it got it's start in the early '90s, typically covering a backpack or sack. And finally, that famous flannel. It was everywhere from mosh pits to runways (all hail Marc Jacobs!), tied just as the Inner Circle actress displays.

Somewhere Courtney Love is cursing the fact that the former High School Musical star just schooled us in '90s style. Then again, that's probably a decade she'd prefer to forget...

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