Emma Roberts

Jim Spellman/WireImage

We confess that we're never sure about the short/long skirt trend. It sort of feels like the fashion version of a mullet...

So it's not exactly Emma Roberts' take on this look that's to blame. In fact the Michael Kors gown has a lot of the drama we love in a red carpet look thanks to that thick, black fabric. Unfortunately, that thick, black fabric is all it seems to have... 

We appreciate the dangly earrings and side-swept curls, but this dress is borderline goth without any other accessories. Maybe that's because the Scream 4 star is usually in bright colors and sweet, flirtier dresses? Maybe this is Emma's way of exerting her fashion independence.

In that case we definitely say, "make it stop!"and that goes for the outfit and the attitude... What's your say?

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What do you have to say about Emma's high-low style?
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