Carmen Electra, Do Something Awards

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Apparently Carmen Electra forgot one of the cardinal rules of red carpet dressingalways ask your publicist if the event has a theme color then never, ever wear it!

We feel for the former MTV star! This silky asymmetrical Ines Di Santo gown is a sexy cut that still looks classy on her perfectly curvy figure. Unfortunately, all we see when we look at her is that glaring blue background against her glaring blue dress!

Perhaps Carmen's couture casualty can serve as a teaching moment for celebs who find themselves in a similar situation? What is a girl to do in this same scenario? The way we see it, there are three options.

1. Hop back in your limo, fire your publicist, and head back home for a giant pint of ice cream

2. Hop back in your limo, trade outfits with your publicist, and step back out with no one the wiser

3. Tell everyone who asks that you wore this color to put even more focus on the important work being done by this organization!

So, which would you pick? Tell us in comments!

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