Angelina Jolie

AP Photo/Koji Sasahara

We know Angelina Jolie's tastes have taken a turn toward simpler style, but this look is literally putting us to sleep!

The Salt star's Michael Kors gown is a gorgeous shape, and we love the billow, satin skirt, but that is literally all there is to this look! Typically Angie's hair and make-up make up for her minimalist style, but there's absolutely nothing going on here; she's even wearing skin-tone shoes!

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That high neckline is begging for a statement neckline to break up all the blackeven something in a simple metal without too much blind would do. Of course, if this mom of six is trying to tone down the bling, a dangly earing would do. Or maybe a few shiny bracelets? She has her own jewelry line, for crying out loud!

If jewelry of any kind is a problem then we'll settle for a belt in any color but black. We'd love if new, more colorful shoes could match that belt, but beggars can't be choosers, especially beggars attempting to influence Angelina Jolie...

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