Rita Ora


Our first thought when we say this look: Working Girl. You could swap out Rita Ora in this silky pants suit with Melanie Griffith's character from the classic '80s flick, and no one would notice.

The British pop star's Viktor & Rolf one-piece has all the classic elements of the power evening suit: giant shoulder pads, a large lapel and all-over silk. The only element that's out of place is that asymmetrical, hip-hop style pant leg. That would never fly in former corporate America.

We can't quite tell what's going on with that right pant leg, but we know it's not working. Something about the draping from the side tie seems to be affecting the bunchiness of the whole left side. Saggy style of any variety is never a good thing, but in this case the rest of the look is so dramatic that we barely notice that defect.

That saidthis look is still 20+ years out of date. Though we do appreciate Rita honoring the era with appropriate shade of red lipstick.

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