Chrissy Teigen

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Technically speaking, Chrissy Teigen is totally covered up.

Those short shorts are a respectable length, her sleeves go straight to the wrist, and she's rocking a shockingly high neckline. And yet the Sports Illustrated model still looks like she's showing 75% of her body! Obviously those sheer stripes are the culprit. The question is, are they just enough "showy style" or way too much skin reveal?

We've seen far skimpier looks on the future Mrs. John Legendand we don't just mean bikinisplus the all-black palette on this combo is chic, especially against her deep skin. We also have to give Chrissy credit for not over doing it with the shoes and accessories.

So yes, it's a little on the lady-of-the-night side, but it could be a whole lot worse in our book.

What's your take?

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