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We can't decide if it's a good or bad thing to say Richard Simmon's would love Rihanna's most recent look.

On the one hand, the Sweatin' Out the '80s star has rocked some pretty fabulous looks. On the other hand, they're not ones we'd wear outside the aeorobics studio. Though, we're not sure we'd wear this cheetah print, spandex jump suit by Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony in the privacy of our own home!

Of course, the Diamonds World Tour headliner rarely dresses with venue in mind...or other people's opinions. So while we're cringing at the tight shape and animal print, we can't help but give Ri-Ri credit for going big outside the home. She wore this look shopping, in public, without so much as a hoodie for protection. 

Somewhere Richard Simmons is doing a high kick in her honor, we hope.

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