Hailee Steinfeld

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Summit Entertainment)

Usually when we say an outfit is scary, it's meant as a metaphor.

Hailee Steinfeld's Enzo mini is literally giving us the heebie-jeebies! Not only is it covered in eyeballs, but we swear those eyeballs are following uslike some kind of fashion version of the famous Mona Lisa!

It's hard for us to look past this pattern (pun fully intended!) to critique the actual dress design. The bold, red tone seems nice against the True Grit star's fair skin and dark hair, and we're always fans of a long sleeve with a short, short dress.

But outside of these elements, this is just a piece of fabric covered in evil eyes, and to make matters weirder, they don't even have eye lashes! Our apologies to the typically well-dressed starlet, but this is a site to make sore eyes.

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