Ashanti, Cher, BSML

Asadorian-Mejia, JB Nicholas / Splash News

We hate to say it, but you know you're in trouble when you're caught wearing the same thing as Cher, queen of the fashion fails...

This kind of court jester-meets-Beetlejuice look is expected from the "Woman's World" singer. Let's never forget that she wore a spider-meets-Medusa costume to the Academy Awards... Ashanti, however, has never been known for being an edgy dresser, but unfortunately there's a first time for everything...

It's hard to judge who wore it best considering this black-and-white Balmain suit looks equally strange on the Burlesque star and Army Wives actress. Yes the contrast colors are in and the tight fit is flattering, but we can't get past the stripes and diamonds patchword. It's like the world's strangest kitchen floor.

In this case it comes down to Cher's suit jacket vs. Ashanti's short top. We're going to give it to the veteran. The black shell breaks up all those crazy patterns, which is a much needed element.

What's your say?

A Fashion Police July 17 Poll
Which bitch wore their Balmain best?
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