Brooke Burke Charvet

Rachel Murray/WireImage

This look on Brooke Burke Charvet gives mix-and-match style a new meaning.

In fairness to the fitness star, the Mickey T is in honor of the "Mickey Through the Decades Collection" launch party. The high-low maxi skirt, however, was entirely her idea, and we're not entirely sure it was the right one...

We respect the attempt at a hippie chic look, but the T-shirt takes this into sporty versus flirt territory, making the ruffled skirt a weird fit. Jeans would work just as well with those adorable, criss-cross platform sandals, as would short shorts, which we know this mother of four can still rock looking totally hot. 

So we're going to have to call this look a swing and a miss, with Minnie Mouse partially to blame... What's your take?

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