Who is this fully clad performer, and what has she done with Rihanna?

Literally two days ago we were calling out the "Stay" singer for wearing her underwear in public, and now she's dressing in a flirty, white Balmain dress that fully covers her midriff. Yes, those boots are sky high but remember that she usually wears them with a silk bra top and shorty shorts!

Maybe the "We Found Love" crooner is unaware that white signifies purity? Though, that only explains the color, not the covered-up cut. Perhaps she's hiding a brand new tattoo? Something giant that sits across her entire midriff. That could explain the a-typical tailoring. 

Or could it be that her PR people snuck this one in when RiRi wasn't looking? They're smart to keep fans guessing about the fashion flip. That or they're just trying to quiet complaints from the moms of her impressionable, young fans? In that case, good luck...

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