Selena Gomez

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

We get what Selena Gomez is going for. Sometimes we dress like a disco diva just to experience a bit of that sexy, '70s style we missed.

This '90s-born former Disney star seems to be playing that same game of dress-up in this break dancing get-up. We're not sure if she's channeling Jennifer Beals in Flashdance or Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell, but these are definitely not looks from the baggy jeans era of her own youth.

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Luckily we're qualified to critique the authenticity of this vintage style. The "Love You Like A Love Song" singer gets major points for perfecting the slouchy socks look, with bonus kudos for that bright pink color. We're also impressed by her high topsa modern twist in the classic Reebok of our youth.

Regarding the baggy sweater and short-shorts, she could have gone further. That sweater should technically be hanging off one shoulder, and the bottoms should have one element of neon included.

We award this starlet an A for effort, but we recommend she watch some Tiffany videos before her new foray into '80s fashion.

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