Victoria Beckham

Stephen Lock/i-Images/; Instagram

We're fine with stars recycling looks. They may as well wth the prices of some of these designer duds!

But Victoria Beckham's double wear is a very dubious choice.... The first time Posh Spice wore this Louis Vuitton slip dress was for a sexy photo shoot; that makes perfect sense. The second, however, was for the world's most formal tennis tournament; that would not be pleasing to the Queen...

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Perhaps Mrs. David Beckham is above the law of the fashion land, even when Wimbledon is concerned? Why else would she wear black, lacy underwear while the rest of the spectators sported classy cocktail frocks and suits?

We understand that it gets toasty out in the hot, summer sun, but doesn't a proper UK lady dab with a hanky, versus step out in her hoisery?

Our only hope is that the busy mum had to get off to another photo shoot after stopping by to see a match. That or she's lived in LA way too long. This look would totally fly at a Laker's game...

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