Rihanna, Bikini

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At this point, why not just wear the bathing suit on its own?

Knowing Rihanna, this white-mesh skirt isn't intended to avert attention from her skimpy, white suitit's intended to draw attention. Why else would the Diamonds World Tour headliner cover up with something racier than the string bikini itself?

VIDEO: See Rihanna's fabulous bikini body in action!

We're over the fact that this cover-up doesn't actually cover anything up. What we can't figure out is whether or not we hate the whole high-waisted look. 

Yes, the tight band sits perfectly on the "Right Now" singers fit middle, but the style actually makes her thin thighs look bigger. Not to mention the fact that it cuts off her long legs right below the knee. We know the goal was to make heads turn, but we're afraid they're turning for all the wrong reasons with this choice.

What's your take?

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Would you wear Rihanna's barely there beach cover-up?
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