Cathy Gibson,

We've stared at this photo for several minutes, and we're still not sure what's going on?

Is Ciara wearing super thigh-high leather boots, or super tight leather pants? There may or may not be a break in the fabric right around the ankle, officially making it leg-wear, but it could just as easily be a ridge in in the design, making it more likely to be footwear.

Let's pretend these are shoes versus bottoms: where in the world do they end?! The "I'm Out" artist is wearing a short shirt, and we still can't see the boot opening.They must be leggings of some variety...

But if they're leggings, clearly of the skin-tight leather variety, how in the world did she get them over her foot?! And, more importantly, how does she intend to get them off...

After our extensive research, we're going to go ahead and call these pants, not shoes. Unless there's a third option involved?? Some kind of all-leather jumpsuit? Let the theories begin again...

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