Sandra Bullock

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Just yesterday we were saying how killer Sandra Bullock has looked throughout The Heat press tour, and then she goes and wears this...

As far as we're concerned, this Emilio Pucci look is not red carpet wear, it's beach wear! The light fabric, short length and gaping neckline look like something worn over a string bikini to a waterside soiree.

Andthough we hate to bring this into the argumentwhen did The Blind Side star get so tan? It could just be her skin against the light-colored frock, but this Academy Award winner looks more like one of the Real Housewives after too many sessions at the tanning salon.

We love "America's Sweetheart" too much to keep everything negative, so we'll say that those gold, strappy sandals are a gorgeous silver lining in this very cloudy fashion choice. 

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