Pascal Le Segretain/WireImage

At first glance, we thought Rihanna looked classy in this long, white Chanel look.

Then we realized we were just distracted by that mountain of pearls around her neck. The rest of the "Stay" singer's look may be a pretty cream color that covers more than 50% of her body, but it still looks like the robe we put on after a long soak in the tub (though ours features way less of a plunging neckline...).

The question is: does it matter? Yes, the singer-turned-designer looks a bit slouchy in the style, but isn't it better than her typical skimpy taste? Sure, it looks like spa wear, but the accessories aren't really working.


We're willing to give her a pass because this really is the lesser of so many fashion evils. What's your say?

And...what do you think Coco Chanel's take would be...?

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Are you buying Rihanna's bath room attire?
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