Naomi Watts

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Never did we imagine that we would find the always-flawless Naomi Watts on our Beauty Police chopping block. This is a woman who's always wowed us with her flawless makeup and not having a hair out of place.  In the case of today's photo, poor Naomi has more than just one hair out of place. What happened?!

We think the original intention of her hairstylist was to add a little volume and texture to Naomi's fine hair.  Unfortunately, this resulted in Naomi looking like she just woke up from a nap. 

Naptime must have really left The Impossible star woozy when she chose her bronzer (which she used as a blush). The bronzer has way too much shimmer and frost, leaving her cheeks looking ruddy with large pores.

Not everything was a snooze festwe loved the minimal eye makeup and the mauve lip gloss was a perfect choice.

Unfortunately, mascara and lip gloss alone cannot save this look…

Beauty Bailout: We totally get that Naomi battles fine hair but she's always conquered it in the past with innovative updos, finger waves, and loose curls. 

We like that she was going for volume, but her stylist went a little nuts with the backcombing (teasing), leaving poor Ms. Watts's hair looking messy (and not in a good way).

We would have put away our teasing combs and applied a medium hold styling mousse like Sachajuan Hair Mousse to damp hair, which adds volume and body to fine hair.  Then, instead of towel drying hair (which can cause more frizzies), flip your head and scrunch with paper towels.  Now, be patient and let your hair air dry and then diffuse. Finish by spraying with an anti-humidity hairspray like Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray.

If this look is too messy for you, apply mousse, then blowout hair like usual. Next take a medium or large barrel curling iron and wrap 1" sections of hair around the iron, leaving out the ends.  Only let hair curl for a few sections and release. Once hair is completely curled and cooled, brush the waves out with a boar-bristled paddle brush.  Complete the look by spraying hair with anti-humidity hairspray.

As for the ruddy cheeks… This could have been easily been remedied by prepping skin with a pore-refining primer like Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hr Perfecting Primer that would have camouflaged those pesky enlarged pores on her cheeks. Next we would apply a matte bronzer like Smashbox Bronze Lights in Sunkissed Matte with a fluffy domed brush in a V-shapestart by sweeping your brush upwards along the cheekbones up to the temple and then down hugging the jaw line. Then, we would apply the bronzer where the sun naturally hits your faceon the forehead, nose, and chin.

Finally, you want to use a blush on the apples of your cheeks, NOT a bronzer.  If you have oily skin, opt for a powder blush. If you have dry skin, use a gel or cream blush to get a natural glow.

If we would have seen Naomi on the red carpet last night we may not have been able to resist wiping down her cheeks and running a brush through her hair.  Even though the look is bad, let's face itit's not The Impossible.

If you're a beauty addict, Janna will be your enabler. Just an occasional user? She'll be your bad influence. Visit her blog at and indulge!

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