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We're not sure what's going on with Jenny McCarthy lately, but the blond bombshell seems to have been replaced by her drag queen impersonator. We thought this former Playboy Playmate was wearing a wig, judging by the unnatural texture and look of her hair, but those dark roots tell a different tale.

We get that some celebrities are trying to make a trend out of the dark roots look, but come on! This trend is for the grungy girls! If you're going for a glam style with extensions, black roots just look lazy.

We were also disenchanted with the thick foundation, heavy eye makeup and glossy red lips on this natural beauty. When you look as good as Jenny McCarthy, there is just no excuse for piling on this much makeup.

Beauty Bailout: Let's start with the hot mess that is her hair: Jenny needs to switch extension stylists pronto. Those cascading layers of pageant curls are too thick and crispy. Actually, we vote that she ditches extensions all together. But if Jenny insists on keeping them, she needs to invest in more natural-looking extensions that match the texture of her hair.

Also, if you're like Jenny and you're going for a glam look, you need to pick one hair color. The black roots just don't work and the dark honey highlights look synthetic.  If you're trying to achieve black roots on purpose, you need to ask your colorist to weave in the black to make it look less like a harsh line and more of soft progression.

As for the makeup, Jenny doesn't need to wear such heavy foundation. Clearly, she does not have problematic skin, yet it looks like she's wearing stage makeup.  We'd love to see her opt for a lighter foundation with buildable coverage like Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation, which also has anti-inflammatory properties and absorbs sebum throughout the day.

We like that Jenny used navy blue to give herself a shadowed cat eye, but the liner on the waterline and mascara on the lower lash line just makes the makeup look heavy. Had she kept the eye makeup more subtle on the bottom—by skipping the mascara and just lining and smudging the outer third of her lower lash line—her eyes would have taken on a much more sophisticated look.

Finally, we wish Jenny had opted for a more understated lip to pair with those dramatic eyes.  If she insisted on gloss, we would suggest a shimmery nude like Benefit Ultra-Plush Lip Gloss in Hoola, a shimmering gold nude. If she gave us our choice, we would pick a soft rose lipstick like NARS lipstick in Tolede, a pink rose.

We do hope that when Jenny leaves Sin City, she leaves the wig-like hair and heavy makeup behind as well. Because just remember, what looks drag queen-y in Vegas should stay in Vegas. 

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